Consensus-Driven Propagation in

Massive Unlabeled Data for Face Recognition

Xiaohang Zhan1      Ziwei Liu1      Junjie Yan2      Dahua Lin1      Chen Change Loy3
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2018


Face recognition has witnessed great progress in recent years, mainly attributed to the high-capacity model designed and the abundant labeled data collected. However, it becomes more and more prohibitive to scale up the current million-level identity annotations. In this work, we show that unlabeled face data can be as effective as the labeled ones. Here, we consider a setting closely mimicking the real-world scenario, where the unlabeled data are collected from unconstrained environments and their identities are exclusive from the labeled ones. Our main insight is that although the class information is not available, we can still faithfully approximate these semantic relationships by constructing a relational graph in a bottom-up manner. We propose Consensus-Driven Propagation (CDP) to tackle this challenging problem with two modules, the "committee" and the "mediator", which select positive face pairs robustly by carefully aggregating multi-view information. Extensive experiments validate the effectiveness of both modules to discard outliers and mine hard positives. With CDP, we achieve a compelling accuracy of 78.18% on MegaFace identification challenge by using only 9% of the labels, comparing to 61.78% when no unlabeled data are used and 78.52% when all labels are employed.


Code and Models



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